The Lady Astronaut of Mars

Two figures in profile: A young girl of middle eastern descent, hair plaited in two black braids, in overalls, stands in front of a white female astronaut in her 60s, dressed in a spacesuit. Stars and nebulas swirl beside them and throughout the girl's hair. The spacescape above fades to black.

I’m so pleased to finally reveal the cover for Mary Robinette Kowal’s SILENT SPACES, a collection of short stories in the Lady Astronaut Universe.

It was such an adventure reading the stories in this collection and falling in love with these characters. When approaching an illustration project, I like to let emotional moments speak to me as I read. It’s always my goal to capture the emotional resonance of the story. This particular illustration is meant to accompany The Lady Astronaut of Mars. I hope you’ll pick up the book and find out why.

Thank you so much to Mary Robinette for trusting me with your world!