Lauren Raye Snow is an illustrator and fine artist from in South Texas. Through her art, she explores intangible, uncanny visions and feelings that are ill described in language – and the anxiety that this obscurity can cause.

Her work lingers on the liminal, inner moments of personal transformation of fear into power. Lauren believes art-making is change-making, and that by viewing and reflecting on images of this transformation, we can confront unknown possibilities.

She is inspired by the Symbolists and the Pre-Raphaelites, by the Catholic and Indigenous religious icons of her native South Texas, as well as works of horror, romance and beauty in literature and music. 

Exhibitions and Recognition

Official Selection: The Mexicanx Intiative — WorldCon 76, San Jose, CA — August 2018

Oddities of San Antonio — Híjole SA, San Antonio, TX — October 2019 

The Catacomb Saints — The Parish Gallery, San Antonio, TX — February 2020 *upcoming*

A Gallery of Ice and Fire — Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio, TX — April 2019

Infinite Worlds: The Art of the Fantastic — Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX — November 3rd-December 1st, 2018

Dublin WorldCon 77 Art Show —  Dublin, Ireland  — August 2019

WorldCon 76 Art Show — San Jose, CA — August 2018