Lauren Raye Snow is an illustrator and fine artist from in South Texas. Through her art, she explores intangible, uncanny visions and feelings that are ill described in language – and the anxiety that this obscurity can cause.

Her work lingers on the liminal, inner moments of personal transformation of fear into power. Lauren believes art-making is change-making, and that by viewing and reflecting on images of this transformation, we can confront unknown possibilities.

She is inspired by the Symbolists and the Pre-Raphaelites, by the Catholic and Indigenous religious icons of her native South Texas, as well as works of horror, romance and beauty in literature and music. 

Exhibitions and Publications

New Gothic Review, Volume 3 — April 2021 (forthcoming)

New Gothic Review, Volume 2 — October 2020

The Catacomb Saints — The Parish Gallery, San Antonio, TX — February 2020 

Oddities of San Antonio — Híjole SA, San Antonio, TX — October 2019 

A Gallery of Ice and Fire — Blue Star Arts Complex, San Antonio, TX — April 2019

Infinite Worlds: The Art of the Fantastic — Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX — November 3rd-December 1st, 2018

Dublin WorldCon 77 Art Show —  Dublin, Ireland  — August 2019

WorldCon 76 Art Show — San Jose, CA — August 2018

Official Selection: The Mexicanx Intiative — WorldCon 76, San Jose, CA — August 2018