“Sublimation” October 2018.
The haunting is coming from inside the self.
Procreate for iPad Pro with Apple Pencil + Photoshop + Wacom Intuos Pro (took it back and forth a couple of times).

Nepenthe’s Kiss

A visual interpretation of @lacyrosemusic’s forthcoming album, “Ria”, itself a meditation on three paintings of Gustav Klimt of Ria Munk. Ria was unlucky in love – her fiancé, a ne-er do well poet twice her age, broke off their engagement and poor heartbroken Ria took her own life, shooting herself in the chest.

Her mother hired Gustav Klimt to paint her daughter’s posthumous portrait. The first portrait portrayed Ria as “too dead,” complained her mother. The second was too sensuous, as it depicted Ria’s robe hanging open, revealing her breasts. And, perhaps fittingly, Gustav Klimt died before he could finish the third. Ria’s smiling face is painted looking at the viewer, and flowers creep into her frame from the background, but her robe and body are left unfinished, Klimt’s charcoal sketch lines the final remnant of Ria’s body.

I’ve tried to paint Ria’s anguish, and by leaving a few charcoal lines visible, suggest the wistful kind of eternity that only unfinished business can bring.

You can hear a preview of Ria’s sister album, Mizzi, here. Ria will be released very soon!:

Flor de MAGA

The monstress Ivanka sits in a bath of blood upon which hibiscus, or, flor de MAGA, float. Child's handprints smear the condensation on the mirror.

“Flor de MAGA”, Procreate on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

I conceived this piece over a weekend in which three things happened:

  • The death toll in Puerto Rico was announced to be astronomically higher than previously reported
  • Jeff Sessions announced the new Trump Administration policy of ripping children from their parents as they seek asylum here in the United States
  • Ivanka Trump posted a photo of her and her son with the caption “I love my family!”

Ivanka Trump has an official White House job. What is it she’s doing again? How is she moderating her father? I see nothing but monstrous complicity.

Actions speak louder than words. Repercussions and consequences matter much more than intention.

Blood is the consequence. Death is the consequence.

She is the “Flor de MAGA” – the death bloom of these policies.

Interestingly enough, flor de maga is a type of hibiscus native to Central America and happens to be the flower of Puerto Rico.


A Mexicana girl with a crown of flowers explodes lighting, searching and finding, from her heart.

“Finding”, Procreate on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

This piece was inspired by my experiences volunteering with the immigration rights community on the Texas/Mexico border.

The Doctor and the Devils

Poster inspired by a new adaptation of Dylan Thomas's "The Doctor and the Devils".

Poster inspired by a new stage adaptation of Dylan Thomas’s screenplay, “The Doctor and the Devils.” Currently in workshop in NYC, with music and lyrics by Lacy Rose.