Colleen by Lauren Raye Snow

Colleen, 2021, cover for Mermaids Monthly, December 2021 Issue

Inspired by “Colleen” by Joanna Newsom

Then dive down there with the lights to lead
That seem to shine from everything —
Down to the bottom of the deep blue sea;
Down where your heart beats so slow
And you never in your life have felt so free
Will you come down there with me?
Down where our bodies start to seem like
Artifacts of some strange dream
Which afterwards you can’t decipher
And so, soon, have forgotten

A Haunting Too Close to the Heart

“A Haunting Too Close to the Heart,” painted April 2021 for New Gothic Review; story by Charlotte Heather

I deeply and personally resonated with the story by Charlotte Heather for reasons that felt uncanny and unreal. I honestly felt honored to illustrate it, so I am so pleased that it’s out today and that you can read it in New Gothic Review Volume 3!


Gothic illustration of woman with ravens in her hair, titled "Plumage"

“Plumage,” for the October 2020 issue of New Gothic Review.

“Plumage” accompanies a story of the same name by Nadine Rodriguez. The story is full of vivid imagery, but this line inspired my piece: “Hay cuervos viviendo en su cabello…..”

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Take me home.


a young Mexican woman pointing to her heart, which is exploding out with lightning

“Finding”, Procreate on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

This piece was inspired by my experiences volunteering with the immigration rights community on the Texas/Mexico border.

Anima Sola I

Anima Sola I, September 2019

She’ll never burn, but she’s doomed to watch her flowers turn to ashes again and again, forever. In a way, it is like burning – a consumption of the soul.

tiMe tO gEt SpOoKy


A culmination of many small moments of rage and bitterness unreleased. Some scream into the abyss (I do that, too).


“Sublimation” October 2018.
The haunting is coming from inside the self.
Procreate for iPad Pro with Apple Pencil + Photoshop + Wacom Intuos Pro (took it back and forth a couple of times).

Fire and Blood

A painting of Daenerys Targaryen

“Fire and Blood”, 2019.
No matter how Game of Thrones ends, it’s changed my life for the better. I have fallen in love with and been inspired by so many of these characters, and their stories will be burning in me forever.

I’m genuinely upset that the show is coming to its end in just six weeks. I normally do long and obnoxious Game of Thrones posts all over social media, but this year I’ve avoided posting and even rewatching because I’m kind of in denial; I don’t want it to end.

Amid the stress of renovations and an upcoming move, I have squeezed in time to breathe new life into an old painting I had done of Daenerys Stormborn. I am feeling satisfied and sad to be done with her. I hope I’ve done her justice.

Daenerys, may I carry your fierceness and fire into every challenge before me
🔥Valar Morgulis 🔥

Nepenthe’s Kiss

A visual interpretation of Lacy Rose’s album, “Ria”, itself a meditation on three paintings of Gustav Klimt of Ria Munk. Ria was unlucky in love – her fiancé, a ne-er do well poet twice her age, broke off their engagement and poor heartbroken Ria took her own life, shooting herself in the chest.

Listen to Ria in its entirety here:

Her mother hired Gustav Klimt to paint her daughter’s posthumous portrait. The first portrait portrayed Ria as “too dead,” complained her mother. The second was too sensuous, as it depicted Ria’s robe hanging open, revealing her breasts. And, perhaps fittingly, Gustav Klimt died before he could finish the third. Ria’s smiling face is painted looking at the viewer, and flowers creep into her frame from the background, but her robe and body are left unfinished, Klimt’s charcoal sketch lines the final remnant of Ria’s body.

I’ve tried to paint Ria’s anguish, and by leaving a few charcoal lines visible, suggest the wistful kind of eternity that only unfinished business can bring.